Mechanical Mirrors:
The mechanical mirrors are made of various materials but share the same behavior and interaction; any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface. The mechanical mirrors all have video cameras, motors and computers on board and produce a soothing sound as the viewer interacts with them.

X by Y - 2010
44 wooden slats,44 motors, video camera, control electronics.
Size 54 inches H, 54 inches W, 3 Inches D
X by Y is an investigation into the idea of the grid. The X by Y grid is in the basis of all digital images and we take it for granted, in this piece I wanted to look deeper into the constraints and possibilities of the X by Y grid. The piece is made of 22 horizontal slats and 22 vertical, with this meager amount of visual information the piece is still able to create rich imagery, interaction and kinetic motion. The piece hangs in the middle of a space and can be viewed from both sides each the negative of the other.

X by Y at bitforms gallery

X by Y detail

Video of X by Y
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