Software Mirrors:
This group of pieces is comprised rear projected screens or kiosks connected to video cameras and computers. When a viewer stands in front of one of these pieces, their image is reflected on the screen after it has been interpreted by the computer. The displays change rapidly yielding a smooth transition tightly linked to the movements of the viewer

Time Scan Mirror- 2004
Projected screen, computer, video camera, custom software. Size - variable.
Time Scan Mirror is the first of the Software Mirrors to deal with issues of time. This series of software mirrors examines notions of time, scanning, motion and stagnation. In Time Scan Mirror only one vertical line of pixels is scanned and is continuously coppied sideways, the result is a "log" of about 30 seconds of whatever crossed in front of the center of the mirror. This also yields a multi- angled representation of peoples faces.

Screenshot of Time Scan Mirror

QuickTime of Time Scan Mirror (Click to view)