Glass Mirror Optical Sculptures :
This group contains 2 pieces that are made mainly of the material of glass mirror. Where all the other pieces in the show adopt the paradigm or interaction model of a mirror, these pieces are based on the actual material of mirror and rely on the complex optical behavior of this material.

Self Centered Mirror 2003
34 panes of mirror, Wood. Size - 120 Inches W 30 inches H 25 inches D.
Self Centered Mirror is an arrangement of 34 vertical panes of mirror. It has a retro-reflective behavior, this means that anyone standing in front of this mirror will see themselves reflected on all 34 panes, The mirror will also remove anyone else in the space from being reflected. This piece lifts the last obstacle from in the quest to total narcisism.

Self Centered Mirror at the Israel Museum 2003 Self Centered Mirror At bitforms gallery Seoul 2006