Proxxi Composites digital prints :
Proxxi Composite prints are a series of digital prints based on a patented technology I developed a few years ago. These prints have the ability to display two different images according to the distance of the viewer. When viewing a Proxxi image from across the room the viewer may observe one image, inspecting the print from a close proximity will reveal a different image. It is interesting to see that even a simple print on paper can exhibit interactive properties and change according to a persons point of view.

Newton / Einstein Proxxi composite - 2003
Digital print. Size - 16 inches by 20 inches.
Print progressively enlarged to simulate the effect of walking towards the print. Image Sir Isaac Newton can be seen from across the room, examining the print from close by reveals an image of Albert Einstein , These two men have shaped, with the power of their minds alone, the way we understand the world that surrounds us. Newton did it in a way that matches our own intuition, but it turns out the the universe is not that intuitive and Einstein made it complicated again..

Newton / Einstein Proxxi from a distance

Newton / Einstein Proxxi
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Newton / Einstein Proxxi