Software Mirrors:
This group of pieces is comprised rear projected screens or kiosks connected to video cameras and computers. When a viewer stands in front of one of these pieces, their image is reflected on the screen after it has been interpreted by the computer. The displays change rapidly yielding a smooth transition tightly linked to the movements of the viewer

Mirror Number 2 - 2000
Projected screen, computer, video camera, custom software. Size - variable.
Mirror No. 2 is in fact a series of 6 different effects that cycle every minute for a total of 6 minutes. In all 6 effects there are 1000 moving pixels on the screen (a small subset of the full image) These pixels move around following a few rules such as moving in circles or in random, as they move around they adopt the color makeup of the viewer standing in front of the piece, the result is a rough approximation of the image of the viewer that resembles an impressionist painting.

Mirror Number 2 kiosk at bitforms gallery

Screenshot of Mirror Number 2 at Israel Museum

QuickTime movie of Mirror Number 2
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