Software Mirrors:
This group of pieces is comprised rear projected screens or kiosks connected to video cameras and computers. When a viewer stands in front of one of these pieces, their image is reflected on the screen after it has been interpreted by the computer. The displays change rapidly yielding a smooth transition tightly linked to the movements of the viewer

Mirror Number 9 - 2003
Projected screen, computer, video camera, custom software. Size - variable.
Mirror No. 9 Creates a mosaic interpretation of the viewers’ image. Unlike most mosaics, especially ones used in software, Mirror No. 9 uses blocks of various sizes to create the image. It selects large blocks where the detail of the image is low, and smaller blocks are used where the image is rich in details. (surprisingly this is also an effective way to compress the image for transmission)

Mirror Number 9 At The Israel Museum

Screenshot of Mirror Number 9