Software Mirrors:
This group of pieces is comprised rear projected screens or kiosks connected to video cameras and computers. When a viewer stands in front of one of these pieces, their image is reflected on the screen after it has been interpreted by the computer. The displays change rapidly yielding a smooth transition tightly linked to the movements of the viewer

Mirror Number 5 - 2001
Projected screen, computer, video camera, custom software. Size - variable.
Mirror No. 5 tries to look into the secret life of the digital image, the feelings of its occupants - the pixels. Here the pixels, the building blocks of an image are given a distinct character - pacman figures. These characters are very busy doing what they do - rolling from the left side of the screen to its right while spinning. The image of the viewer is created by a by-product of their behavior, the pacmans open and close their mouths creating brighter and darker areas on the screen

Mirrors Number 2, 5 and 8 at the Israel Museum

Screenshot of Mirror Number 5 at Israel Museum

Video of Mirror No. 5 (click to view)