Software Mirrors:
This group of pieces is comprised rear projected screens or kiosks connected to video cameras and computers. When a viewer stands in front of one of these pieces, their image is reflected on the screen after it has been interpreted by the computer. The displays change rapidly yielding a smooth transition tightly linked to the movements of the viewer

Hourglass Mirror- 2005
Projected screen, computer, video camera, custom software. Size - variable.
Hourglass Mirror is the third of the "Time Series" Software Mirrors. This series of software mirrors examines notions of time, scanning, motion and stagnation. In Hourglass Mirror The image of the viewer is created by the movement of the grains of sand in the upper part of the hourglass, in the lower part of the hourglass a representative color of the viewer is settled to create a sediment that keeps building up creating a history of a few minutes worth of viewers.

Screenshot of Hourglass Mirror

Hourglass Mirror at bitforms gallery Seoul 2005

QuickTime of Hourglass Mirror (Click to view)