Mechanical Mirrors:
The 4 mechanical mirrors are made of various materials but share the same behavior and interaction; any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface. The mechanical mirrors all have video cameras, motors and computers on board and produce a soothing sound as the viewer interacts with them.

Circles Mirror - 2005
900 laminated digitally printed circles, 900 motors, video camera, control electronics, computer and custom software.
Size 60 inches H, 60 inches W, 6 Inches D
Circles Mirror is a mechanical sculpture made of 900 overlapping circles with patterns printed on them and connected to motors, computer and video camera. Any person standing in front of the piece is reflected on the piece by the circles rotating to expose more dark/ bright patterns as needed. The piece utilizes 12 different patterns of radial gradation from black to white which are randomly placed on the board. This piece is the first of my mechanical mirrors to incorporate elements of computer graphics and as such is an interesting middle between my print and physical works.

Circles Mirror As Seen In Leonardo Magazine

Detail of Circles Mirror

QuickTime movie of Shiny Balls Mirror
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