Glass Mirror Optical Sculptures :
This group contains 2 pieces that are made mainly of the material of glass mirror. Where all the other pieces in the show adopt the paradigm or interaction model of a mirror, these pieces are based on the actual material of mirror and rely on the complex optical behavior of this material.

Broken Red Mirror - 2000, 2003
Broken mirror, laminated picture fragments. Size - variable.
Broken Red Mirror is a site-specific installation. It requires two opposing walls. On one wall a shattered mirror is hung, and on the other fragments of an image are splashed on the wall. When standing exactly in front of the broken mirror, the picture of Red Burns can be seen, from that particular angle the shatered mirror has the ability to collect the shattered image into its original state. One outcome of this arrangement is that when standing in front of this mirror you will not see yourself reflected in it, you will be replaced by Red Burns.

Broken Red Mirror when viewed from an angle.

Broken Red Mirror viewed from front.

Broken Red Mirror at the Israel Museum